SQL Server

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard language used for manipulating relational databases, SQL Server become more popular nowadays. Although other flavor of sql (oracle sql) available in the market, Microsoft got good business users. We are going to explain each and every topic in subject from fundamentals to advanced level. we are having one more tab in our site T-SQL which covers regular issues,configurations, 

Following are topics which we are going to cover here:-

·         Introduction to DBMS

·         Introductionto SQL Server

·         TSQL (Transact Structured Query Language)
Introduction To T-SQL

·         Data Manipulation Language

·         Data Query Language (DQL)

·         Built In Functions

·         Top n Clause, Set Operators

·         Joins

·         Sub Queries

·         Indexes

·         Security

·         Views

·         Transaction Management

·         T-SQL Programming

·         Cursors

·         Stored Sub Programs

·         CLR Integration

·         Working With XML Data Type
Backup and Restore Of Database
Attach and Detach of Database