Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Installing sql server 2012

Before installing SQL server or its related tools check your machine configuration whether it is compatible or not. You can download SQL server 2012 from Microsoft site or Download here else you can use DVD set up to install.  Minimum system requirements to install setup given below
PROCESSOR: 1.5 GHz and above
Other versions may require additional set up files
Sometimes you require .Net framework to support actual setup installation. double click on setup file it will starts installation wizards.

Click on “new SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation. You will see screen like below picture
Click ok for setup support rules screen
Click ok for installation rules.
Click on next. And installation type click on next Enter product key if you have or try for evaluation period

Click next and accept agreement by the Microsoft. Click next select server role as SQL server feature installation for manual selection or all features with defaults

Select features and click next define installation rules and name your instance.

You can also change installation directory by browsing “instance root directory”. Click on next button

Click on next.  You will entered into server configuration wizard
Configure as show above figure. You can change these settings after installation in windows services click next to database engine configuration.
Here you can add current user to operate it and Authentication mode as mixed mode. So you can login with windows credentials or SQL credentials .define a password for sql authentication. Click next.
Add current user again. You can add administrator to access your instance

Again add current user. Click next you will entered into Distributed Replay controller and click next after error reporting click next done.

Click next you will see below screen select install. installation will be finished in few minutes